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Early Intervention in Deaf Education, MA


Communication Sciences and Disorders, BA | University of Iowa. Certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies | University of Iowa.


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St. Louis, MO


At the University of Iowa, I received my bachelors in Communication Sciences and Disorders and my certificate in ASL and Deaf studies. While taking ASL and Deaf studies courses, my interest grew in learning more about the Deaf community and Deaf culture. I quickly discovered that many of the personal views of my Deaf studies professors conflicted with those of my speech-language pathology professors. This is where I became interested in deaf education, the many viewpoints within the profession, and becoming a professional who respects culture and communication choices while providing the best education for D/deaf children and their families.
I was drawn to Fontbonne's focus on early intervention! Fontbonne's program is driven by research, preparing future deaf education teachers with the most up-to-date knowledge and tools. Fontbonne has given me the opportunity to have experiences in many areas of deaf education, including listening and spoken language programs and total communications programs as well as the opportunity to work with toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged students. I feel Fontbonne has prepared me to be a well rounded teacher in deaf education, offering a deeper dive into topics like family-centered intervention and inter-professional practice. The small cohort size allowed me to build close relationships with current and future professionals in both deaf education and speech-language pathology.

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IPEI 2018: Julie Jagiello Deely



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