Books from 2021


Farewell to Democracy? Lessons Past and Present, Jack Luzkow

The Names of John Gergen: Immigrant Identities in Early Twentieth-Century St. Louis, Benjamin Moore

Books from 2018

Monopoly Restored: How the Super-Rich Robbed Main Street, Jack Lawrence Luzkow

'Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees:' Jewish Teaching and Heresy in Early Christian Exegesis of Matt 16:6-12, Brian J. Matz

Books from 2017

Introducing Protestant Social Ethics: Foundations in Scripture, History, and Practice, Brian J. Matz

Books from 2016

Gregory of Nazianzus, Brian J. Matz

Books from 2015

The Great Forgetting: The Past, Present and Future of Social Democracy and the Welfare State, Jack Lawrence Luzkow


Putting Government in its Place: Cultural Racism, Sentiment, and Neoliberalism in Contemporary United States Responses to Natural Disasters Abroad, Corinne Wohlford Mason

Books from 2014

Patristics and Catholic Social Thought: Hermeneutical Models for a Dialogue, Brian J. Matz

Augustine, the Carolingians, and Double Predestination, Brian J. Matz

Books from 2013

Posthuman Personhood, Daryl J. Wennemann

Books from 2006

What's Left? Marxism, Utopianism, and the Revolt Against History, Jack Lawrence Luzkow


Who was John Gergen?: Unraveling the Identity of an Early Twentieth-Century Immigrant, Benjamin Moore

Free-Market Capitalism with a Soul: Capitalism and Community in the Information Age, Daryl J. Wennemann

Books from 1994

Applied Professional Ethics: A Developmental Approach for Use with Case Studies, Daryl J. Wennemann