Student reflections on the internship experience were an important piece of the program. Here are some excerpts from their final submissions.

One of the many great outcomes of this project was that it supports what the Humanities project is advocating fornot only to bring awareness to the experience and preservation of Bosnian culture before, during, and after the Bosnian genocide, but to the individual survivors and families through the act of telling their firsthand experiences. Being able to contribute to this project . . . helps me to understand the significance of preservation and recording these stories.

This experience has impacted me greatly. It showed me what marvelous opportunities await me and my history degree after college, but it also showed me how little people actually care about history. It has been both uplifting and earth-shattering and has made me question a lot about myself.

I think that if we are honest with ourselves through a historic lens, we see that our history can be hard to accept. In the interest of fairness, it’s not always fun or easy to teach these more sensitive topics, but I think the beauty of any sensitive topic is our ability to discuss and grow from it. THAT is the service to the common good from my project. The growth and empathy we can gain through education, even when unpleasant. All of this seems like a lot of meaning to prescribe into a few worksheets, but I think it is the concept of educating one another that is the most meaningful.