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The No Child Left Behind Act came into existence and created standardized tests to give everyone the same opportunity and close the achievement gap. When giving everyone the same opportunity, students with disabilities should be included and given different tests to accommodate them. The tests created pressures on schools and teachers for the students to do well, and if schools do not do great on the tests, schools can potentially shut down. Some people think that knowing how schools are doing and seeing where their children are academically. The tests can be helpful information in trying to make changes in school districts and improve upon where the scores were weak. Testing is starting in kindergarten, and many of them are having a negative view of school when they learn through play. There are recommendations to make testing easier for everyone and have it so teachers and students do not feel stressed.

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Advocacy Kit



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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Early Childhood Education

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Fall 2020


Fontbonne University Archives


St. Louis, MO


learning outcomes, learning gaps, accomodations, stress, No Child Left Behind, funding


Literature Review

Standardized Testing Talking Points

Standardized Testing Facts

Ways to Improve Standardized Tests

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The Effects of Standardized Tests



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