Commencement Materials, 1927-present

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Spring 1991


Presider - Don Gantley, OSM

Cross Bearer - Gary Zack

Banner Bearers - Leonard Adewunmi, Trista Nelson, Pete Wiss, Carol Story

Ministers of the Word - Kristi Brown, Karen Ley

Readers - Joe Elfrink, Christine Enz, Mary Ellen Owens

Ministers of the Eucharist - Pam Jansen, Larry Ley, Rita Marie Schmitz CSJ

Ministers of Music - Jane Behlmann CSJ, Dennis Chard, Meredith Hanley, Francie Hesse, Shelby Liggett, Ann Murray CSJ, Connie Myers, Ed Reggi, Cindy Svezia, Ruth Yates CSJ

Greeters - Ann Calandro, Marilyn Miller CSJ, Alberta Anne Ruys CSJ, Ann Spiller



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