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Friday, May 15th

25 Years: Being Bosnian American in St. Louis

Benjamin Moore, Fontbonne University
Adna Karamehic-Oates, Fontbonne University
Akif Cogo

This online panel discussion was part of the missouri Hisorical Society's STL Hisotry Live series.

Sunday, July 5th

Bosnian Genocide and Its Aftermath: A Genocide Scholars' Panel

Adna Karamehic-Oates, Fontbonne University
Anne Gilliland, University of California, Los Angeles
David Pettigrew, Southern Connecticut State University
Hariz Halilovich, RMIT University, Melbourne


A panel discussion to mark the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide.

Scholars in the fields of genocide, memory and archival studies address ongoing revisionist efforts about what happened in Srebrenica and discuss the importance ofcountering this rhetoric in order to defend the truth.