Year of Award


Document Type



College of Education and Allied Health

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Communication Disorders and Deaf Education

First Advisor

Jack Ferguson


In attempting to analyze the types of responses of an aphasic and to assess the significance between the modes of presentation and types of stimuli it was found that nouns are more easily learned and recalled than verbs. The responses were broken down into a) responses with no cues (4&5) and b) responses after cues (1,2, and 3). It was found that pictures are easier to recall than words, and nouns are easier to recall than verbs. The modes indicated that spontaneous responses were found most frequently in picture and printed word presentation for nouns. There are a few suggestions that should be made in order to make an improvement on this research. The subjects were given a pre-test of the PICA and there should have been post-tests included. This would be used to determine the amount of progress from pre-test to posttest since this study was not the only type of therapy provided. Also the results of this study would become more reliable if the program, could have been given to a larger population. Because of the lack of patients this was not possible. The researcher feels that the results are reliable, but to reinforce the results, a larger population would be advisable.


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