Year of Award


Document Type



College of Education and Allied Health

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Communication Disorders and Deaf Education

First Advisor

Jack Ferguson


Much has been written on the characteristics that contribute to the make-up of the voice. However, little or no research has been conducted to test the relationship between the vocal quality of the deaf child and the; l) age of onset of the loss; 2) severity of the loss; and 3) etiology of the loss. This paper will examine and discuss the many distinctive attributes of the deaf voice and determine if there is a direct relationship between the above three factors and if these factors will produce a specific voice when these factors are identical. It is the belief of the author that there are more determining factors which produce a definite voice quality in the deaf other than the age of onset, severity of the loss, and the etiology. In the author's opinion, the voice quality of the deaf child does depend to a small degree on the above three factors, but more importantly the quality is dependent on the individual.


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