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An essential step in managing operating cost is to establish a program to improve methods. Such a program must have the support of executive and line management. Methods Analysis is defined by H. B. Maynard, "is the technique that subjects each operation of a given piece of work to close analysis in order to eliminate every unnecessary operation in order to approach the quickest and best method of performing each necessary operation". Alan G. Mogensen felt "if the workers are trained in the simple steps necessary to analyze and challenge the work they are doing then they are also the ones most likely to make improvements."

I have developed a simple approach to the analysis of manual systems. Based on the concepts of Work Simplification and Method Analysis, it is designed to squeeze profits out of paperwork and can be used successfully by anyone with the proper training and practice.

First, Managers must commit themselves to reaching agreements on goals of mutual interest. They must define areas of responsibility in terms of the results expected of subordinates. With specific measurable goals established, individual contributions toward these goals can be assessed.

Once the goals are established, work activities are observed and workers are interviewed to analyze jobs. All work-related data is collected, evaluated and recorded.

Flow charts are developed to show a graphical description of what happens within the activities of the organization. For further analysis work sampling is used to isolate and measure different work characteristics. When all the facts are recorded by charts, graph, etc., every detail of the job must be analyzed and evaluated. All phases of the job must be questioned with an open mind.

When a proposed method has been developed the system must be reviewed by examining and testing all details of the new method.

The system is not complete without written standard procedures. The written procedure will serve as an aid in developing job descriptions, training manuals, and accountabilities statements in a performance appraisal. Once the process is completed statistical methods may be used to audit the process for management control.

Manual Systems Analysis uses the systems approach to increase productivity through people. It outlines a series of analytical steps that have proved effective in the analysis and improvement of work systems.

A through understanding of each step will contribute to the success of this new method. The analyst must believe that any system can be improved. He or she must apply the questioning attitude to every phase of the analysis. To realize significant method improvement, management must promote an attitude of cooperation and understanding.

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