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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


AT&T, divestiture, marketplace, deregulation, telephone


The telecommunications industry is characterized by explosive growth, deregulation, and very short product life cycles for products and services. The success of an organization, large or start-up, depends on its ability to get these innovative high tech products and services to market in a fast and efficient manner that meets the customers needs. As a result the distribution facet of the business is extremely critical in the ultimate success of organizations which market these types of products and services.

This thesis explores today's dynamic environment with a discussion on the modern history, regulation, and trends in the telecommunications industry including the divestiture of American Telephone and Telegraph, emerging technology trends and proposed regulatory changes. In addition, the major companies in the telecommunications business and their distribution methods are reviewed and the effect of standardization, life cycle pressures and global competition are analyzed.

Furthermore, the distribution options and alternatives for telecommunications are analyzed in great. detail with a discussion of the proper application of each option and the relative strengths and weaknesses of each option. Support groups necessary for the distribution organization are outlined.

Finally, the actual methods of distribution, channel design and implementation are proposed. This includes examining ultimate customers, setting distribution objectives, and distribution channel selection and implementation.

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