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For many years the legal profession has remained essentially unchanged. In contrast, the market serviced by attorneys has changed dramatically. In order to be competitive in this new market, the modern law firm must offer more than timely advice and legal counsel. The consumer of legal services today is often more educated, more informed, and more demanding than was the .case in the past.

Many experts feel that these changes in the marketplace began in 1977. It was then that the Supreme Court extended First Amendment protection to certain forms of attorney advertising. Since then the legal profession has experienced a rapid influx in the number of new attorneys, a redefinition of the legal client, and increased competition from both internal and external sources.

In an effort to combat these trends and remain competitive, some law firms have experimented with marketing techniques, usually advertising, with mixed results. Additionally, a number of studies have been conducted in an attempt to explore the legal services marketing question, but these studies have also focused primarily on advertising. Little attention has been given in regard to the larger issues: professional services marketing and marketing of a legal service organization.

Accordingly, this work will examine the major trends that are currently effecting the legal service market, and thus the law profession. Additionally, the fundamental differences between services and goods is examined, with regard to how these differences affect the marketing of services. Finally, a strategic marketing planning process, and its application to a legal service provider, is reviewed.

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