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HMO, PPO, insurance, hospital, group practice, physician


This study focuses on the effects health maintenance organizations (HMOs) have, and are having on the American health industry. The effects are felt by many groups.

Health-care costs in the United States have been identified as one of the major problems we face today. As a country, we currently spend approximately fifteen percent of the gross national product on health care. In comparison, our Canadian neighbors spend less than ten percent. One weapon that has been developed to fight these rising costs is the HMO.

This work is divided into three parts. Part One investigates the increase of health-care costs. In addition, the history and current status of HMOs will be reviewed. Part Two identifies and comments on various groups which are influenced by the HMO. Part Three gives the author's views on this method to provide health insurance benefits. Additional comments will be made about the future of healthcare in America.

The traditional methods of health-care delivery are fast being replaced by the supposed more cost effective plans. How we create the balance between quality, accessibility and affordability has become a most pressing question.

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