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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


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Business Administration


computers, business, control, processing, claims, operations


This study is concerned with the analysis of the organization and management of the information system of the corporation under study.

Information system as used in this research work refers to the operational structure of the electronic data processing (EDP) department and its subsidiaries, the Systems and Procedures Department (SPD) of the company. Thus, the study revolves around the problems and effectiveness of the SPD and EDP as the organizations in charge of the company's management information system.

The areas covered in this study include the assessment of the effectiveness of the present information system, the problems of the company's MIS, the factors that contribute to the existence of the problems, the proposed type of organization of the company's MIS as an alternative to the present set-up, and the kind of computer hardware necessary to improve the present MIS.

The most important aspect of the study centers on the proposed management and organization of the information system and the description of the computer design or model to be recommended to the company as an alternative of the present system. It is the proposal that makes this study different from the other researches on management information system that have already been conducted in the Philippines.

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