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The principles of modem marketing are being applied across a vast spectrum of business activities with great success. This caliber of effective marketing begins with a complete understanding of marketing terms, principles, and applications.

The key to success in marketing mental health educational programs begins with this very same complete understanding of terms, principles, and applications.

This thesis is presented in four parts. Part I presents an overview of mental health educational programs. Part II presents an understanding of marketing. This section features six chapters: "Marketing ... What is That"; Product/Service Development; Promoting a Good Idea; Selling; and Methodology.

Part III presents marketing’s many faces. This section features four chapters: Test Marketing; Pricing; Positioning; and Promotion. Part IV presents the summation and conclusions.

The overview (Part I) states that there are a variety of mental health educational program currently being presented by mental health centers. The point of these programs is to assist us in our understanding ourselves and our neighbors before, during, and after mental illness has entered our lives.

Part II familiarizes the reader with the definition(s) of marketing, the importance of understanding what it actually is an organization has to offer the consumer, emphasizes the benefits of field testing before substantial investing, and suggests the best direction for those marketing efforts.

Part IV sums and concludes that without marketing, few would know of the mental health center’s educational programs which are available in our community.

Marketing is not magic. What marketing does offer is a methodology that will help define the best direction for your efforts.

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