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workshop, employee, manager, behavior, evaluation


The following thesis was written to assist anyone who has an interest in planning and conducting workshops. The material that follows will allow for any individual to prepare a quality workshop. This outline begins with determining training needs. The trainer will utilize various methods to detect what the actual need is. The next step would be for the trainer to select an objective to achieve. There are critical issues that need to be considered when stating an objective, these are addressed in chapter II.

When developing a training program the trainer needs to be attuned to the trainees learning abilities. There are various ideas that adults need to be taught in a different manner than children or adolescents.

When conducting a training session there are numerous methods of training techniques, and icebreakers. This section is designed to assist the trainer in selecting icebreakers and techniques that fit their style of training as a trainer and to promote a comfortable learning process for the trainees.

Finally, the thesis will address the evaluation of the training session, to provide the trainer with pertinent information regarding the usefulness of the workshop.

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