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tax, government, education, shareholders, Africa


In the last several years, Nigerian corporations have begun to place more, emphasis on the taxation of their corporations. It has become quite clear to many Nigerian corporations that they must manage their tax system carefully if they are to profit from its trade or business. When examining the law as it applies to the taxation of corporations, functions such as assessing taxable income, calculating business profits or applying capital gains tax to particular organizations, become more precise and require mandatory operations.

Many aspects are considered within the corporate tax system, such as company taxable income, deductions, and tax computations. Other factors that exist with a corporate tax system is the "Taxation of Shareholders," foreign and domestic. There exists a commonality within these shareholders whereas neither Nigerian nor non-Nigerian shareholders are subject to further income tax on corporate dividends on which withholding tax has been paid.

This thesis proposes the many aspects of corporate tax management and the strict effect Commercial Law has on the Nigerian tax system. Although the .rules and regulations of the law may seem intense within the tax system, corporations in Nigeria will continue to experience the enhancement of the scope and the quality of advancement.

In establishing the content of my thesis, I have studied the facts of the listed issues.

• How gross income is structured within the taxation of corporations.

• How the basis of assessment affects tax administration in Nigeria.

• How capital gains tax is valued in the Nigerian corporations.

• What effects Nigerian Commercial Law has on branch operations.


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