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negotiations, mediation, grievance, disputes


An ever-increasing significance is currently being attatched to the effectiveness of organizations in handling their interpersonal conflicts. With every aspect of the work environment being analyzed with regard to its contribution to profit and the bottom line, the cost of unresolved conflict within an organization receives growing attention.

Authoritarian methods of resolving conflicts had once been the norm in corporations in the United States during earlier, more prosperous times when global competition was not a factor. With the economic position of the United States having been challenged, organizations are now encouraged to pay closer attention to conflict within the workplace, and to pay closer attention to the views and concerns of the workers involved in those conflicts. Management may now be categorized as having a more participative approach with regard to the needs of its employees. Resolving conflicts within the workplace has evolved into definite processes that labor and management agree upon, with specific procedures to follow. Arbitrary-decision-making cannot occur without concern for precedent.

As the marketplace and the economic position of the United States have changed, the nature of conflicts has also experienced a change from earlier times. Employee need for involvement in their work has increased, as have their needs for personal fulfillment beyond monetary rewards. Having a say in the decision-making of improving or changing their jobs has become a necessary consideration for management to implement in their dealings with employees. Management is learning' to maintain a flexibility as worker participation helps shape a profitable new direction in the way business is carried on. The current approach to conflict resolution breaks from the past and requires commitment and flexibility from management: but, if an effective conflict resolution process is existent within, then that organization has taken an important step in remaining competitive in a fluctuating economy.

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