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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


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Professional Writing


English and Communication

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Lisa Oliverio


The human self is a multifaceted concept involving a complex interplay between mind, body, and experience. Fragmentation occurs when these facets do not align and instead present themselves as distinct identities. Because of its multidimensional nature, one’s self-concept often derives from many sources and presents itself in multiple forms. Similarly, various works of literature within a composition can adopt the conventions of many genres and forms to communicate a particular message or theme.

My creative thesis uses the process of genre-blending to demonstrate the complexity of the human self. Through the use of poetry, narrative, and original artwork, my project explores how the self can identify with three different forms; the mind, the body, and a third facet—integration—which bridges the gap between the two. Each individual piece within the composition can be enjoyed and experienced independently, just as the mind and body can be viewed and understood separately. But when viewed as parts of a whole, the work adopts an entirely new purpose, with each experience putting the others into a broader, more meaningful context.

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