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pollution, quality, standards, EPA, environment


This thesis focuses on air pollution affecting industry. The relation between air pollution and industry is very complex. The emphasis of my thesis is to identify, analyze and understand the economic effects of the Clean Air.Act of 1970 and the concern about the importance of our environment and society. Relevant and useful work on economic aspects of environmental problems requires some knowledge of the scientific and technological aspects of these problems. As a greater social and political awareness of the pollution problem has developed, it also presented itself as a political/institutional/management problem with diverse operations. Actually, industry participates in developing the ground rules by which it is to be regulated. Industry also develops new projects to reduce the emissions for its target chemicals. Industry not only has to pay attention to their interests & profits, but it is also responsible for cleaning up the problems of air pollution.

This paper is divided in seven chapters. Each chapter addresses a specific area that has to be discussed in order to understand the problems of air pollution, and furthermore to solve them.

Chapter One addresses air polluting substances: primary pollutants and secondary pollutants and what' potential air pollution is. Chapter Two introduces the Clean Air Act of 1963 & 1970 and the Clean Air Act of 1990; and briefly discusses debatement authority and actions. It also introduces the Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act of 1964. Chapter Three analyzes the effect of pollution on plants and the industrial influences of technological growth. Chapter Four introduces the law of charges that includes federal legislation, federal regulation, regulation, regulation of automobile emissions and the penalties for violation of the Clean Air Act. Chapter Five introduces the methods to measure pollutants and pollution, and the effectiveness of control measures that includes economic control,economic aspects, economic perspective, costs of air pollution and costs for industry. Chapter Six discusses Current issues and Controversies. And Finally, Chapter Seven addresses the conclusions of Air Pollution.

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