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Business Administration


job satisfaction, employee, manager, performance, union


People leave organizations. They leave because their performance was not Satisfactory, or management didn't like them, or management felt they did not fit it. Often, particularly within an increasingly mobile workforce, people leave hoping to find a better job.

This job exodus-turnover-affects all managers, either directly or indirectly. It is a costly and disruptive and may be symptomatic of serious, unresolved organizational deficiencies.

It's possible that no one is doing anything wrong. The turnover may be inevitable and unavoidable. However, in my experience, l have uncovered a considerable amount of turnover-voluntary and involuntary-that is controllable through modest corrective and preventive programs.

Turnover is not one subject; it is many subjects. When I started looking into turnover, I was not fully aware of all the paths It would lead me into or the distances. I should go down the paths. But I did sense, quite accurately, that the subject needed reexploring in the light of social and economic developments in the country, that it was now a larger subject than ever before and one of somewhat more pressing concern.

After much research in economics and business, I have found a number of causes for turnover. Even though there are other causes this paper will only deal with the causes in the Grocery Industries. The thesis begins with a short history of labor turnover where the other causes and sources for labor turnover are started. Next, a review of the certain causes appear along with facts and possible ways to change labor turnover. Finally, a conclusion is presented to summarize the cause of labor turnover along with concluding remarks on how the changes in operation with reduce labor turnover in the grocery industries.

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