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Business Administration


worker, practice, motivation, incentive


The manufacturing environment in many smaller firms is affected by numerous factors. Increased competition and current poor economic status have pressured management into a position to try to produce more, with fewer workers. I am going to analyze the affects of incentive programs, namely Employee Recognition, as a method to increase employee involvement and effectiveness for a more cohesive work environment.

Employee Recognition is a powerful tool if used properly.If improperly managed it can greatly hamper the total manufacturing output. The lack of motivation in the work place creates a negative atmosphere. Most workers inherent ethic is to do a good job, but other factors prevent them from doing so. Employees doing repetitive jobs will far more be able to achieve, overcome "stumbling blocks" and enhance efficiency.

Management has the responsibi1ty to.quickly act on suggestions and determine the adaptability and cost savings associated. Many of these ideas are not scientific breakthroughs, but just common sense solutions, method reductions or simplification in design, but may have an exponential effect on the entire productibi1ity of the product and may also effect the amount of capital outlays needed to produce a given product. Many industries first attempt to increase capacity by increasing the size of the plant and number of machines, instead of trying to attack the inefficiencies that exist. This greatly affects ones position of cash flow, overhead, additional personnel and increased maintenance.

The implementation of a Employee Recognition Programs must be perceived as a commitment by management to improve the the overall efficiency of all operations. This cannot be viewed as a short term fix, but a way of life. Employee reluctance will occur if workers believe that increased efficiency will eliminate their own, jobs. Management must insure that continuous employment will be guaranteed.

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