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This digest is written to set forth the substance contained in the thesis composed by James Earl Wells. The thesis evaluates and investigates service product concepts, tactics, strategies, and project supporting marketing implementation schematics. The rationale behind this subject choice was to address the distinct information gap discovered to exist between goods and services marketing concerns. This disparity and the pronounced lack of readily available reference materials that specifically pertain to issues confronted in the service sector convinced the author of the need for venturing into this minimally researched gray area.

Recent rapid growth of the service industry to encompass almost every aspect of human endeavor is reaching global proportions in its international impact on economies. Nearly half of the average American household's income is spent on services. This trend is showing no sign of slowing down domestically or abroad. Europe, Japan, many third-w,orld countries, and even Russia, now with the break-up of the previous Communist regime, are turning toward services as a means of economic growth. This multi-trillion dollar market sector deserves the same scientific solutions to previously unanswered vital questions pertinent to services. That need will be filled as more and more academic marketers are attracted to this sphere of influence.

The knowledge that was gained in the experimentation and research analysis conducted in the writing of this thesis has imparted a level of understanding that was previously non-existent. It is hoped that detailed inquiries, tests, and hypothesis are inspired by the findings of this report. Or the ultimate flattery, that its use will direct the efforts of others and possibly the basis from which to launch deeper probes into the intangible universe of services marketing.

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