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Business Administration


Business Administration


women, minorities, diverse, management


As a manager goes about enabling/influencing/empowering his/her workforce, and as that workforce becomes increasingly diverse, are there things that have to be done differently (managerially speaking) with a heterogeneous workforce than would be the case with one that is homogeneous. Fundamentally, it is a question we in this country have not addressed; but one that we must, for it has a profound strategic implication for individual corporations and our nation as a whole. If we are unable to create organizations that will work naturally for everyone, we will have great difficulty tapping the potential of our human resources. The research explores the negative attitudes toward diversity in the past, and current and future roles of diversity in corporate affairs. The paper affirms that in an increasingly competitive market diversity must become an integral component in every strategic corporate plan. It also offers suggestions on how an organization’s management can better utilize its management techniques by incorporating diversity in its management style.

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