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Business Administration


Social Security, health, planning, investment


The number of workers retiring each year and the number of workers retiring before age sixty-five are both increasing dramatically. Early retirement windows were offered by 38 percent of the largest industrial companies in 1990 or 1991, according to a survey by The Wyatt Company in Washington, D.C. Most Fortune 50 industrial companies were included in the survey. In fact, only thirteen of the fifty largest United States companies have not offered an early retirement incentive at some time since 1981. The softening of the economy and the increase in foreign competition may lead more and more companies to embrace this method of streamlining. Currently, over 2.5 million people retire each year, and by the year 2000, the first wave of the World War II baby boomers will be reaching the age at which retirement is a realistic option. Only 54 percent of the men and 33 percent of the women age sixty to sixty-four hold regular full-time jobs today, a sharp decrease from even one generation ago.


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