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Business Administration


infomercial, home shopping, catalog, sales, direct, consumer


Since the time when people first realized needs for services or products which they themselves could not supply, a retail enterprise system has been evolving. Whether those needs were serviced by a traveling medicine man, a door—to—door salesman, a local grocery store,or a catalog found in ones mailbox, various types of direct retail opportunities have been available. This study will review some of the more recent forms of direct retailing, specifically the home shopping channels and infomercials and how these technologies are being developed for the 21st century. Whether this is an evolution or a revolution in shopping trends, the reality is that the way we will shop in the future is different from the way we have been shopping and there is already an impact being felt on the retailers of today. The traditional ways of shopping are changing and the retailers need to keep up with the changing consumer needs if they are to survive. Who will survive in this new retail environment? This study will explore the changes occurring now and indicate what the retailer of tomorrow will need to do in order to be a viable player in the future.

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