2021 Academic Exhibition

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Kay Graves


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Applied Mathematics

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Spring 2021

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Slideshow Presentation


Mathematics and Computer Science

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Data Analysis and Communication


This project focuses on mathematical applications for one-on-one texting conversations. Welcome to the realm of conversational A.I. (artificial intelligence), a field that also studies the commonly-known predictive text. Instead of suggesting words, however, this project will make predictions in text sentiment. Text sentiment models detect emotion in natural written language. With the development of models that can tag present emotions, this project looks to further apply the field of text sentiment. If a model exists to tag present emotion, then perhaps the tags can be used to predict future emotion. This project specifically applies this question to texting conversations between two people and tries to predict the emotion of a text message response before it has occurred. The goal is for a sender to have more insight into response sentiment before choosing to send a message. The resulting predictions are built upon concepts in logistic regression, and the code will be written in Python using Jupyter Notebook.

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