The student Academic Exhibition is an annual event at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, MO. Students from departments across campus submit their work to share with the campus community at the end of each spring semester. Presentations can take the form of poster sessions, slideshows, or formal presentations.

Students from all disciplines are welcome to submit their work each year. For more information, please contact Matt Nelson in the Writing Center:

If you have questions about the submssion process or the digital exhibit, please contact us at GriffinShare:

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Biological and Behavioral Sciences

Gender Inequality: A Global Perspective, Kayley Cunningham

Business Administration

The Effects of the TCJA on Missouri Taxpayers, Elouise Hardwrict

Communication Disorders and Deaf Education

Fluency and Sound System Disorder: What to Do?, Madeline Broekelmann

Language/Cognition Components of Religious Expression for Clients Living Post CVA, Elizabeth Buckley


Metacognition and Inner Speech in People with Aphasia, Chelsea Dill

Analysis of Reported Therapeutic Effects of Aphasia Choir Participation, Sarah Dixon

Negative Influence of Screen Time on Speech and Language Development, Amanda Louise Garth


Early Intervention: The Use of AAC/AT in Preschool Classrooms, Lucy Guiffrida


The Use of Non-Words as Targets in the Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders in Children, Nicole Hacking


What is Known about the Dual Diagnosis of ASD and Down Syndrome?, Brielle Henne


Self-Identity and Social Communication in Children who are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, Traci Henry

Measuring Identity in Individuals with Aphasia at Fontbonne University, Caroline I. Koenig

Anxiety Post-Stroke, Jacob Lendy


Effects of PANS/PANDAS on Communication: A Review of the Literature and Implications for the SLP, Lauren Miller

The Effects of Communication Partner Training on People with Aphasia and their Communication Partners, Allie Irene Mueller

The Speech and Language Development of Internationally Adopted Children Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Adam Neff

The Effect of Insurance Coverage on Access to Aural Rehabilitation Services for Adults following Cochlear Implantation: A Review of the Significance of Aural Rehabilitation for Adults with Cochlear Implants, Alyssa Regna

Social Communication Deficits in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Toni Simmons


From Ears to Brain: 5 Strategies for Communication Development, Katherine R. Sosna

Accuracy in Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children with Down Syndrome, Molly Tessin

White Matter Disease and Subcortical Vascular Dementia: Interventions for Cognitive Deficits and a Case Study, Rachael N. Velius

Patient-Provider Communication in Inpatient AAC, Ellie Zempel



The Ways Birth to Three Providers Determine the Frequency of Services for Children Who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Their Families, Cole M. Bosas


Factors Influencing Parents' Choice of Communication Mode for their Child who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Paula E. Gross


Mentorship Impact: Underrepresentation of Women in Higher Education Leadership, Janice M. Johnson


Perceived Barriers To Degree Completion And Characteristics Of Nontraditional Students, Rebecca Lauren Miller


Sense of Belonging in Online Learning Environments, Jennifer Moore

Best Graphing Software for the High School Classroom, Victoria Rynders

Family and Consumer Sciences

Advocating for Health Literacy in the United States, Melissa Adamson

An Uninvited Guest: COVID-19, Hamza Alvi

Cost-Related Nonadherence (CRN) to Medication, Jessica Kassel

Inequalities in Public Education Funding, Carrie LaChance

Advocating to Diminish Postpartum Depression, Casey Linsenbardt


Domestic Violence Awareness, Katherine Sengheiser

Hidden Truth: Life Without a Roof, Holly Steen

Fashion Merchandising

Social Media Influencers List: The Normal Brand, John Hadley

Fashion Merchandising Internship Senior Capstone, Emma Seiz


I Know This is Scary: The Effects of Narratology on Trauma Fiction, Claire Ford

Understanding Intercultural Communication at Fontbonne University, Aki Kato

Analyzing LGBTQ+ Representation within ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Claire McCann

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education: Commentary and Curriculum, Elizabeth Rechtien

Filling in the GAPs, Maria Torres

Instructional Design and Technology


Blended Learning in the K-2 Classroom, Amanda Benson


Microlearning Where Education Matters, Maria L. Figueroa

Interactive Video to Engage and Assess, Mary Jude Schmitz


Active Learning, Teene Williams