Fontbonne Chapter Position Statements

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The Fontbonne chapter of the American Association of University Professors supports the efforts of the University to exercise its “duty of care” for the health of its students, faculty and staff. In recognition of the University’s responsibilities and to show good faith in this regard, no one should be expected to waive their legal rights in order to be on campus. This applies to all members of the University community – faculty, staff and students.


Statement of Concern to the President.

Reply from President Blattner
I am writing to acknowledge the letter you sent on behalf of the Fontbonne chapter of the AAUP. I will share this with both the rest of the team as well as our attorneys. Asking for students to sign such a document in no way is intended to indicate that the university is not taking every precaution possible to protect all members of our community; rather, it is an acknowledgment of the fact that all of us are parts of many communities, some of which might be less diligent than others with regard to practicing social distancing and safe hygiene.