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April 28, 2017: Members of Fontbonne's chapter of the AAUP march in support of science-based education and innovation.

Union Station (1801 Market Street) to Luther Ely Square, 1pm.


March for Science STL is a diverse nonpartisan group supporting science based education and innovation for the betterment of our region and society.

ua-aaup-2017-04-28-001.jpg (3766 kB)
March for Science: 001

ua-aaup-2017-04-28-002.jpg (3087 kB)
March for Science: 002

ua-aaup-2017-04-28-003.jpg (4378 kB)
March for Science: 003

ua-aaup-2017-04-28-004.jpg (4713 kB)
March for Science: 004



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